New Trends in Children Learning to Read

he last couple of decades brought conflicting views on methods of reading instruction which was tried in schools across the country. If we want our children to improve their reading skills then it’s important to understand the reasons why they can’t read.

children learning reading review

The question became – are phonics versus whole language methods better for beginning readers? As it turns out, educators are now struggling to blend these reading programs and tailor them for each child. review

It was known as “the reading wars,” which were initially waged during the 1980s and ’90s, and it was around 1987 when personal journals became one of the latest classroom tactics for teaching reading to kids. Known as whole language, it was an instructional philosophy emphasizing that children focus on meaning, which contrasts with phonics based methods of teaching reading and writing.

children learning reading reviews

At that time many people believed that children were poor readers because the phonics approach. The fact that memorization ended up turning reading into a chore alienated many of the kids from reading, period. The National Reading Panel reported findings about Phonics for Reading as a research-based program that: delivers direct instruction in phonics increases fluency with Second and Third levels provides word-recognition and spelling instruction, plus story reading, and independent activities.

It is also important to realize that the parents are a child’s first teachers. Toddlers learn a lot at home so it is critical to talk alot. Children will learn about spoken words just from listening to their parents. Parents take note: read to your child; share books you loved and try some new ones from the library and then reread favorites over and over again.

It is also important to realize that the parents are a child’s first teachers. Toddlers learn a lot at home so it is critical to talk alot. Children will learn about spoken words just from listening to their parents. Parents take note: read to your child; share books you loved and try some new ones from the library and then reread favorites over and over again.

Ultimately whole language proved to be a disaster, and eight years after whole language first appeared in California grade schools, by the mid-90s, the state’s fourth-grade level reading scores had plummeted nationally to the bottom. This was according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress(NAEP).

By 1997, Congress formed the National Reading Panel to evaluate the research on teaching practices wiht the intent on determining what worked. The

Top Tips On Teaching Your Child To Read

an be done in a weekend, or even in a matter of weeks. It takes time and patience, and a little bit of skill. Learning to read however is extremely important to your little one’s development. It not only teaches them a love of books, but it helps them notice and understand the world around them in a new way. Below are some great tips towards helping your child with this very important life skill. Begin with a few, or complete them all and you and your child will be on your way towards a wonderful love of books! As you read below however remember the most important thing of all- have fun!

how to teach your toddler to read

1. Read to your child.

2. Play rhyming games.

3. Sing the alphabet song with them.

4. Label things with their names from an early age. review

5. Go to the library even when they are at that loud voice only stage.

6. Have non fiction books as well as fiction available.

children learning reading program review

7. Tell stories.

8. Have books all over your house.

9. Teach the letter sounds by emphasizing the sounds in words they hear often from a young age.

10. Provide fun and interesting books for them to read.

11. Get a magazine subscription and read it together.

12. Make play dough letters.

13. Play the alphabet game on road trips.

14. Read the mail together.

15. Make a reading nook.

16. Clap out syllables.

17. Make letter crafts.

18. Make reading play time.

What is the Changing Role of Reading in the Homeschool?

Reading opens the door to a host of tools and adventures for every child. However, the relative importance of reading is often judged differently for the homeschooled child than it is for the traditionally-schooled child. Traditionally-schooled children are regularly tested on their reading skills because traditional teaching methods rely heavily on a child’s reading ability as a way for children to learn other subject matter. Actually, teaching reading is so vital to the traditionally-schooled child that such children rarely achieve academic success without first mastering basic reading skills.

how to teach your toddler to read

Early Reading Skills vs. Developmental Readiness

The reading picture has evolved somewhat differently for the homeschooled child. Homeschooled children have advantages that make the development of reading skills less pressing than they are for traditionally-schooled children. As a matter of fact, some homeschooling experts insist that there is no need to worry about forcing the development of reading skills in homeschooled children and that many homeschooled children don’t master reading until several years after the traditionally-schooled child. Many homeschooling educators believe that teaching reading is something that happens naturally. review

The primary reason why homeschooled children may not require early mastery of reading skills is because they are taught in different ways than traditionally-schooled children. The traditionally-schooled child must adhere to a set standard designed to ensure that all children develop at the relatively same pace. Teaching dozens of children the same material requires that those children be at the same basic level of preparation. A public school teacher faced with teaching ten, twenty, or even thirty children at varying learning stages is likely to be unsuccessful at such an endeavor. Ensuring that children learn certain skills by a certain age simply makes teaching large groups of students more efficient.

children learning reading program review

Maria Montessori and Teaching Reading

The work of Maria Montessori changed the face of teaching reading and opened the door to a new homeschooling movement. Dr. Montessori uprooted traditional teaching theories by presenting research that children learn at varying rates and that hands-on activities enable children to learn better and more completely than traditional rote memorization teaching techniques. Her work in the late 1800€s and early 1900€s also proved that mixing multiple learning levels in the same classroom actually benefits children rather than hindering them. Children, regardless of age, learn from each other. Older children inadvertently teach younger children. And, younger children give older children the opportunity to learn by doing. However, because of the somewhat individualized teaching present within the Montessori classroom, employing this method within the public school environment is not always feasible. More about Dr. Montessori’s work can be found at

Intentionally or unintentionally, homeschooling is rather Montessori-like in the practical application of homeschooling teaching methods. Like Maria Montessori’s theories, homeschooling emphasizes the individual learning style of the student over the need to teach certain skills by a certain age. The child who is a weak reader might be verbally advanced, and vice versa, meaning that the home school teaching partner plays on each child’s strengths to teach each individual child. This format is far easier to implement within the homeschooling environment than it is in the traditional school setting.

Standardized Assessments Encourage Early Re

Teaching Your Children To Read and Write – 5 Reasons Why Parents Must Start Early

Parents who take the time to teach their children read and write better will see the following results in the development of their children:

how to teach your toddler to read

Your children will have an increased enjoyment of reading, which will in turn give them better literacy skills

In order for your child to build their language and understanding, they will need to be exposed to new words. Reading books will give your child an opportunity to find new words. This will also increase a child’s curiosity, which will in turn build on their existing skills as they look for more and more new words.
Children who are familiar with books and stories before they start school are better prepared to cope with the demands of formal literacy teaching. review

Better exam results

Children who have problems reading begin to show signs from second and third grade. By starting to teach your children to read and write early, they are less likely to have these problems.

children learning reading program review

Children who start to read before the first grade keep up their lead in reading and understanding over children who have not been taught how to read and write form an earlier age.

Children who read early are also more likely to do better in other subjects as well.

Better school attendance and behaviour

When a child struggles to read and write their enjoyment of this activity decreases. This can lead to children disliking school, and as a result become disruptive as an outlet to their frustration.

By reading and writing with your child, you give them an early start. Teachers can teach your child only a percentage of what they need to learn and you will be letting your child down if you do not spend time with them teaching them how to read and write from an early age.

It has been shown that starting early will not hurt your child. Most children can begin from age four. In fact, the opposite is true and studies conducted on these have concluded that teaching your child to read and write early gives them a significant advantage in school.

Higher quality of later relationships

Reading together is fun and helps build relationships. As you interact with your child during your teaching sessions, they learn how to listen and develop a s

Children Learning Reading by Jim and Elena Is it a scam?

I have three children. My first born a girl just started grade 1. She is really eager to learn to read and even though she is finding it difficult she has the drive to learn to read. review

My second child is a strong willed 4 year old little boy. He is at pre-school and even though they are not yet suppose to be reading, but they are learning their ABC’s. His teacher also pointed out to me that, Joshua was not able to say some sounds correctly, or recite the ABC’s as well as the other children in his class.

children learning reading program reviews

Although he is only four, this made me worry a bit, I had always noticed his pronunciation issues, but thought that he was young and would eventually grow out of it. Even though the teachers pointed out the issue, I don’t think that they will be able to deal with this matter.

how to teach your child to read

I came across this amazing article where parents started teaching their child to read from a young age. Well the results are remarkable. I have noticed that my first grader is memorizing more than actually reading her work file from school. This is how they are taught at school. They address this issue in their article.

This program is a unique and sure-fire learning to read system that many parents like you have used to successfully teach their children to read in a relatively short period of time – spending just 10 to 15 minutes each day.

Success Story #1:
“I completed your program and his reading teacher said that his reading abilities exploded and he is on grade level!”
Thank you for a great program and method of learning to read better. My son was picked up for reading support services in first grade. I completed your program and his reading teacher said that his reading abilities exploded and he is on grade level! I wish the teacher had used this program in school. I am now starting with my pre-schooler so that he is on track for kindergarten!


Christine MacManus

The three reasons why I believe in this method of learning is because it shows you how to:

1. Teach Your Child to Read by Learning Phonics and Developing Phonemic Awareness Skills.

2. Teach Your Child to Read Through Short, E

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Residential Apartments Homes in cambodia-A Justification for the Coveted Title of “Golden City”

A new chapter is going to be opened in the history of Indian Real Estate Industry. The name project Paarth Aadyant will be eternal for the generations to come. It will be the true epitome of blend of architectural beauty and scientific excellence. Mounted over the land of golden city of India (Lucknow) this residential site is assumed to be the bedrock of trust. Soon the real estate industry is going to witness the execution and completion of Paarth Aadyant by the joint venture of Paarth Infrabuild Pvt Ltd and REPL (Rudrabhishek Enterprises Pvt Ltd). Such wise move from their ends has become the source of joy and cheerfulness for the people of this city.

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The intention is totally oriented for the welfare of these city people. This will create job opportunities and source of income for several reasons. Labors will be employed, staffs and managers will be sought, raw materials in surplus quantities will be fetched, conveyance and transportation will be needed, machines and equipments will be purchased and implicated and lots more. As the residential apartments homes in Lucknow through this project will be carried out different benefits can be reaped. There will be the need of house maids in abundance, shops and stores will be established, malls and amphitheatres will be launched and will pave the scope for many needs.


These residential apartments in Uttar Pradesh are aimed to provide 2000 units to reside. These are so designed that they overlap with elegance and beauty. Proper ventilation to let the passage of air through windows, polished tiles upon the floors and walls, hanging balconies and large terraces are the few attributes that define the structure of the apartments. Skilled architects and seasoned engineers have united together to accomplish this very project. Hats off! To the soils of Gomti Nagar Extension that has proved its worthiness in supporting these skyrocketing apartments and flats. At this juncture the chemistry of the soil and the raw materials used are well understood.

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These apartments and flats are in the vicinity of the business sites and IT hub of Lucknow and hence are just the ideal stay for the employed people. To facilitate the residents they are connected with air, rail and road so that they can travel or commute. This project Paarth Aadyant is estimated to be spread over 14acres of land. It’s high time to admit that the real estate sector in Lucknow is going to see one of the most highly acclaimed and the most discussed subject in the industry of its kind. If such welfare driven projects are given a safer passage and space then indeed it will give respite to both the people of the city and to those persons who actively participated.

It’s a moment of great pride for the people of this golden city and for the people who are in power that some reasons have now leapt forward that

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n Delhi/NCR, Noida is one of the fastest growing city. This is one of the reasons as to why it has been the epicenter for all the people who are interested in investing in real estate. The reason for this is that it is well connected to the capital of India and is a home to lots of Multi National companies and this is why globally the investors are investing via the Foreign Direct Investment. This is also one of the major reasons as to why there has been a sudden spurt in the demand for Flats Apartments in Nodia and Greater Noida for both business and living purpose. Asides form this reason the work load on Delhi and NCR area has increased tremendously. You will benefit greatly to deal with a best real estate business holder opting for a property in Noida or Greater Noida. Many real estate companies are offering budget flats as well as space in the shopping malls.

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Both Noida and Greater Noida are well connected with Delhi. You can take the DND flyover for long travel from Delhi to Noida and it will make your journey very short and easy and once the Metro train arrives in Noida that can only improve your commuting time. Asides from this Greater Noida is also well linked by an eight-lane highway that takes only 20 minutes to reach Noida. An international airport is also coming in Greater Noida. Tourism around this area is going to spiral as work on the Taj highway has begun which will link Agra to Delhi and also up to Greater Noida.

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If you wish to purchase Flats Apartments in Nodia and Greater Noida they will also serve as an excellent alternative as a source for investment. Also, the new Greater Noida Phase II, is getting more and more lucrative every day. In No

Why Should You Buy Residential Apartments in UK

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan state, is one of the hottest real estate destinations in India for many reasons such as it is the second fastest developing city in the country that is well-connected with roads, rails and air to the national capital of India – New Delhi. The historical significance and world-famous tourist attractions of the city (such as Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, Jantar Mantar, Jaigarh Fort, Jal Mahal, City Palace, Nahargarh Fort, Albert Hall Museum and Swai Mansingh International Cricket Stadium) also makes it a hottest real estate destination in the North India that is home to many special purpose industrial areas such as Special Economic Zones, Export Promotion Industrial Park, Information Technology Parks, Gems & Gold Jewellery Complex, Leather Complex and Bio-Tech Parks providing employment to millions of people not only from Rajasthan but across the country.

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Today, millions of people from all over India are coming to Jaipur for better employment opportunities and this has enticed many real estate developers to build various residential apartments in the Jaipur to meet the housing demands of its growing population.

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There is a stiff competition among the all leading real estate developers of the city to built residential apartments in the prime locations of the Jaipur as most of the people want to live at the place that is located in the close proximity to all important public places (such as main public transport facilities, schools, colleges, hospitals, cinema halls, restaurants shopping malls) and are 100% safe and secure to live. This article highlights some important benefits of buying residential apartments in one posh the areas of Jaipur – Bani Park. So let’s see why you should buy residential apartments in Bani Park Jaipur.

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The biggest reason to buy residential apartments in Bani Park, Jaipur is the close proximity to Jaipur Railway Junction, Central Bus Stand and Jaipur International Airport. Bani Park is just 2.6 kilometers away from Jaipur Railway Junction, 0.9 kilometers from Sindhi Camp Central Bus Stand and 13.6 kilometers away from Jaipur International Airport. When it’s comes to educational institutions in the Bani Park Jaipur, the area is home to many prestigious schools and colleges such as Central Academy, Maharani Convent School, Daffodil Public School, Dolphin International School, SSG Pareek PG College, Institute of Hotel Management, Poddar Institute of Management, Rajdhani Law College and Jaipur Engineering College. To take care of your health, there are many esteemed hospitals in the Bani Park region of Jaipur such as Bani Park Hospital (Heart, EECP & General Hospital), Satellite Hospital, Government Ayurvedic Hospital and ASG Group of Eye Hospitals.

When it comes to entertainment, you always have the option to watch the newly released Bollywood or Hollywood movie at Inox Space Cinema at City Plaza Mall in Bani Park. If you want to dine out with your family, friends or colleagues, restaurants such as Zaika, Sandy’s N Harry’s, Ginseng, The Forresta Kitchen & Bar, Citrus Cafe – Lemon Tree Premier, Republic of Noodles- Lemon Tree Premier, DMB Restaurant, Aqua Grill – Hotel Park Inn, Pinxx are always within reach. If you are shopping freak, Cry

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Are you searching for your dream home in Gurgaon? Mark a full stop at the end of your search. A number of developers have bejewelled this millennium city with aesthetically designed buildings. There is a wide range of apartments in every nook of the city. To make the stay pleasant, the developers have provided all the amenities and luxuries in them.

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It is the demand of time to have more and more space for residence. Whether you want 2bhk, 3bhk, 4bhk or 5bhk you can get them easily at an affordable price. Increased population is one of the main reasons why the demand of residential apartments and flats in Gurgaon has been increased. Booming economy of the IT and ITES sector is the second while proximity to the nation’s capital is third reason. Moreover the close proximity to the international airport, proposed metro connectivity etc have made this city one of the best in terms of communication and fast transportation.

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Gurgaon is said to have world class growth as compared to other cities of India and it is contributing 40% revenue to the state government. For those who are looking for the residential apartments in Gurgaon and flats must keep one thing in mind to complete all the formalities while purchasing and moreover before purchasing.


No matter you are a single executive or a couple or a complete family, there are a lot of design and type of flats. 4/5 BHK flats are specially designed for those who want all the amenities under one roof. These flats have spacious master bedroom and one more bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, wooden flooring, central air-conditioning with modern furnishing.

Some other facilities like swimming pool, parking, 24 hours power backup, water supply, Wi-Fi internet connectivity, clubs, gyms, parks etc. have also been provided. 2/3 BHK flats are perfect for middle class families as the cost of them are affordable for them.

Service apartments are also there to make the guest feel comfortable. Numerous of new projects are being launched by the builders in Gurgaon [] that are made keeping in mind the alter needs of people. Security is another important factor that all inhabitants require these days. And the housing societies offer multilevel security with the best world class security systems, CCTV cameras suitable for both indoor and outdoor requirements to keep you and your family safe and sound.

Many realtors like DLF, Vatika, BPTP, Emaar Mgf, Tata Housing, Unitech, and Parsavath have been in limelight due to launching of new projects and availing the property of all kinds. Stylish flooring and designs, striking interiors, well-planned floor plans, modular kitchens, high-end fittings, soothing color schemes are all part of these latest projects.